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5 Warzone changes every player wants to see

Published: 21/Sep/2020 16:32

by James Busby


Call of Duty: Warzone continues to prove popular among FPS and battle royale fans alike, but there are a number of changes that could improve the health of the game. Here are five things we want to see added to Modern Warfare’s battle royale title.

Warzone bundles all the best bits of Call of Duty into a highly-competitive battle royale that make it one of the most unique BR experiences. Its blend of punchy gunplay, highly customizable loadout drops, lethal killstreaks, and new content updates keep Warzone at the forefront of current FPS titles. However, despite its overwhelming success, there are a number of things the game needs to address. 


A lot of the areas outlined below have plagued the game since Season 1, and while some have been addressed by Infinity Ward, others have simply been left unacknowledged. With Season 6 on the horizon, we’ve outlined 5 quality of life changes we’d love to see added to Warzone in the future.

1. Better anti-cheat system

Cheater in Warzone
Cheating has seemingly gotten worse in Warzone.

While Activision has been busy cracking down on cheat websites that supply users with third-party tools, there are still a lot of cheaters roaming around the frozen fields of Verdansk.  In fact, many console users have turned off crossplay altogether in order to avoid being matched against the PC aimbot and wallhackers. Unfortunately, for those that want to play with friends across numerous platforms, this just isn’t a choice. 


If you’ve played Warzone for any length of time, then it’s highly likely you’ve come across a cheater at some point. Not only do these particular players ruin the fun for everyone else, they also seem to be infecting the game across all levels of play. In fact, we’ve seen more hackers in our Season 5 games than any previous season, which suggests the problem is getting worse. 

Numerous streamers and pro players have voiced their concerns on Warzone’s huge cheater problem, but Infinity Ward remains fairly quiet on the matter. As it stands, Warzone’s current report system does little to dissuade cheaters from repeat offenses. In fact, banned players can simply make a new account and get up and running straight away. Until there are IP and/or hardware bans implemented into Warzone, we expect the cheaters to be sticking around for a while longer.


2. Assignable teammate colors

Warzone squad colors
Activision / Infinity Ward
Having set teammate colors would eliminate a lot of confusion in pre-made squads.

Part of what makes Warzone such a joy to play is the squad dynamic. After all, there’s nothing better than tagging up with your virtual buddies and working together to outgun enemy players. However, our plays would be a lot more coordinated and a lot less hazardous if we could assign each squad member a set color. Currently, Warzone changes each squad member’s color after every game session. 

Having to constantly check which color marker is assigned to your teammates’ after every game isn’t just irritating, it can also lead to a great deal of misinformation. This feature may not seem like a huge deal to those who strictly play the game’s solo/duo modes, but in trios and quads, things can get pretty hectic. After all, what’s the point of having a squad color system for pre-made teams, if it changes after each game?


3. Climbable rocks

Warzone rocks
Activision / Infinity Ward
Traversing even the smallest rocky obstacles can prove troublesome.

Verdansk is a big place. Not only is the map filled with huge townships, hidden bunkers, quaint farmlands, and rolling fields – it’s also surrounded by rocky outcrops and steep mountains. While the latter may not be a problem for the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends, in Warzone even the smallest rocks can prove troublesome. In fact, Warzone’s ruinous rubble has been the cause of many a frustrating death.

There’s nothing worse than making it to the final rounds, only to have your chances of success scarpered when your Operator refuses to scale the smallest rocky wall. This wouldn’t be so bad if Verdansk’s wasn’t littered with these craggy areas, but sadly this isn’t the case. While there are a number of slopes that aim to alleviate this issue, accessing these can be a little tricky when they get cut off by the ring.


We want more ways to scale these craggy areas without having to frantically jump against them before inevitably being beamed in the back. Having a climbable feature similar to Apex Legends would certainly fix this issue. Who could have told us that Captain Price’s mortal enemy would be a bunch of small rocks?

4. Improved Gas Mask animation

Gas Mask Warzone
Activision / Infinity Ward
The current Gas Mask animation continues to cause many frustrating issues.

The Gas Mask is an integral feature in Warzone and one that can save your life in later rounds. Unfortunately, it can also kill you as well. Despite players discovering a nifty trick that cancels the Gas Mask animation, there remains no official way to stop it. While The animation is likely there to balance the clear pros of being able to survive in the gas, it can prove infuriating when you need to quickly react to an enemy. 

Even if your characters gets caught in the tiniest bit of the gas circle, you’ll be forced to watch as they pull on and off the Gas Mask. This often leaves you incredibly vulnerable as you can no longer ADS in firefights. Instead, having an option to simply cancel the animation would go a long way in alleviating the current frustrations.

5. Gulag matches that reward aggressive play

Waarzone Gulag
Activision / Infinity Ward
The Gulag is at its best when players aren’t punished for moving.

Warzone players have voiced their complaints about the Gulag weapon rotation for a while now, but with the introduction of LMGs and Riot Shields, things have seemingly gotten even worse. Previously, the Gulag rewarded those who were more active and aggressive in their play, but the current weapon categories have made it into a camping fest. 

One of the biggest problems with Modern Warfare’s standard multiplayer is the lack of movement. In fact, players are often so scared to move that game’s revolve around mounting on the nearest wall and hunkering down. While this technique works in Warzone, we’d be lying if we said we enjoyed it. Not only does it drastically slow down the pace of the game, it makes for some incredibly unfun gameplay. 

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