YouTuber Zylbrad breaks Apex Legends server with ridiculous kill record

Daniel Cleary
Zybrad and octane from apex legends

Popular content creator Zylbrad has set a bizarre new kill record with a ridiculous Respawn Beacon tactic in Apex Legends – almost breaking the battle royale’s servers in the process.

As with many battle royale titles, hardcore players will often look to rack up as many kills as possible in an attempt to set new records and earn bragging rights.

It is no different in Respawn’s Apex Legends, with tons of players looking to dethrone the current list of record holders for the top spots in each of the game modes and playlists.

respawn beacon in Apex Legends
Zylbrad made clever use of Respawn Beacons for his Apex Legends kill record attempt.

Breaking a high kill record requires players to have a near-flawless performance, as well as a lot of luck in hunting down enough enemies, and it is why these high scores can be incredibly difficult to beat.

However, Australian YouTuber Zylbrad decided to take a different approach to setting records in the battle royale, instead, gathering a lobby full of his fans, who each helped him in picking up free kills.

“Today we’re going to achieve the world record of kills,” he explained, “we’re going to go to the same spot with our Respawn Beacons, that is the key, that’s how we’re going to get the most kills ever.”

Zylbrad gathered dozens of players around him during his attempts and set down countless Mobile Respawn Beacons to continue lining up more and more players for him to shoot.

The gameplay itself was quite hectic but eventually, the YouTuber managed to rack up over 272 kills during his final attempt, although the servers did not hold up too well after the last kill, with an error popping up on his screen.

“Server shutting down – Internal server error,” he read aloud, “No, did that count? I’m in the game but its glitched. Does anyone see this, we broke the game.”

After a short while, however, they were sent to the post lobby screen and Zylbrad’s score was seemingly counted, rewarding him with a whopping 37,539 XP for his efforts.

While these bizarre attempts obviously do not count towards any of the official Apex Legends kill records, Zylbrad still, technically, managed to set a new record with all of the help he had.