Apex Legends player sets record as first to reach new level cap of 2000

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An Apex Legends player just set the record as the first in the world to reach level 2,000, mere months after Respawn Entertainment upped the level cap.

In last year’s Season 14 update in August, the devs decided to update the level cap after years of no changes, bumping it from 500 to 2,000. Now, it essentially operates as getting 500 levels, four times over. 

Respawn added three more tiers of 500 levels on top of the existing 500 levels many players already gained in the first few years. So each time a player reaches the next tier, they gain a new badge that shows what tier they are on, much like Call of Duty’s famous prestiging system.

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And in just half a year, Swiss Apex Streamer Ayakaschi has smashed the record of being the first to hit this new cap. The most impressive part is this is not the first time he has gotten a world first in EA’s hit battle royale. 

In an enthusiastic Twitch stream, he officially became the world’s first level 2,000 player with a smile on his face while finishing off the last squad in the final circle. He then proceeded to shout in excitement for the next minute. 

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Ayakaschi is no stranger to being a record breaker in Apex. In seasons 1 and 2, he was the first player to gain the highest level possible, which was 100 at the time, and held the record for the most games played across both seasons.

In the same stretch of time, he also held the record for the most wins as a trio and solo queue player. 

Later still, in Season 14 he held the record for most wins on all platforms, with a jaw-dropping 3,112 wins recorded. Which coincidentally is the world record for most wins in one season. 

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And of course, now he holds another record as the first player to ever hit the game’s new level cap of 2,000 in Season 15.

Not only that, but this streamer is even famous for holding records in other games too. He was the world’s first in getting to level 1,000 in Zombie Mode on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Similarly, he holds the world record in Rogue Company for the highest win streak, with an incredible 155 wins in a row.

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Clearly, Ayakaschi is one of the hungriest grinders on the planet and just raised the bar once again in Apex.

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