Apex Legends

What is the code:leaf error in Apex Legends? Developers respond

by Marcus Banks


Developers at Respawn Entertainment have finally made Apex Legends fans aware of what the mysterious code:leaf error message actually means, and how they're addressing it, in their latest check-in.


The long awaited launch of Apex Legends Season 2 didn't solve the issue of players being hit with a strange error message when trying to connect to a game, most commonly code:leaf or code:net.

Naturally, the error message meant very little to the average player but Respawn have now shed some much-needed light on what the codes actually mean and what could have caused them.

The code:leaf error has plagued some players since launch.


In their latest check-in on Reddit, the developers revealed that the code:leaf error message meant the server never answered when trying to create a connection while code:net meant connection to the server had been made, but it disappeared and stopped answering.

They also claimed the errors have become more common, with the vast majority of players failing victim of the code:leaf fault.

Apex devs finally enlightened fans on the error message meaning.


Respawn gathered more data and discovered that code:leaf doesn’t affect one player, it causes the entire lobby to crash, as matches aren’t launching with a partially full lobby.

Finally, they revealed they are actively investigating the situation and any potential causes but didn’t say that any fix would be forthcoming in the near future. Instead, they promised to keep fans updated with their progress as they search for a solution.

Developers are still searching for a fix to the problem.


For now, it seems that Apex fans will continue to be plagued by the annoying bug which seemingly has developers stumped on how to create a quick patch, given it has been present since Season 1.

Hopefully, given their recent comments, their investigations will lead to a swift solution in an upcoming patch. With devs confirming that a new client update would be coming up next week, we can only keep our fingers crossed that a fix is on the way.