What is Flashpoint in Apex Legends: LTM returns in Unshackled event

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Apex Legends’ Unshackled thematic event kicks off on April 19 and with comes the return of the Flashpoint LTM, but how does it work?

Apex Legends Season 13 is on the horizon and with it expected to arrive in early May, the community’s eyes are firmly fixed on the major update.

While no official announcements have been made, all teasers and leaks are pointing towards Newcastle being the new Legend with a kit that’s centered around defending his teammates.

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Despite this, there’s still one more event to tick off the roadmap before Season 13 and that’s the Unshackled event kicking off on April 19.

Alongside a range of unique cosmetics, the update is bringing back the Flashpoint LTM, but how does this fast-paced mode work?


How Flashpoint works in Apex Legends

Apex Legends FlashpointRespawn Entertainment
Flashpoint arrives in Apex Legends on April 19.

After first making its debut in Apex back in the Aftermarket event, the Flashpoint LTM has finally returned but this time, it’s on Olympus.

In this fast-paced mode, all healing items are removed from the match, so players must relocate to “Flashpoint Zones” if they want to regenerate their health and shields.

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These huge giant circular zones can be easily spotted from far away and force squads to group up together and take gunfights.

Finally, keep in mind the final circle will end on a Flashpoint Zone so make sure you’re prepared and nearby the dome that’s most likely to be the end game location.

When is Flashpoint coming to Apex Legends?

Apex Legends FlashpointRespawn Entertainment
Flashpoint is incredibly fast-paced as squads are forced to fight.

Flashpoint will be available to play in Apex on April 19 and will stay in-game until May 3 when the Unshackled event concludes.

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As it’s only in the pool for two weeks, ensure you make the most out of the LTM as it’s hard to know when it will return.

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