Best Apex Legends loot zones in World’s Edge Season 7

World's Edge Season 7Respawn Entertainment

With World’s Edge back in rotation for Season 7, you’re bound to need a refresh. Here are the five best loot zones in World’s Edge to make sure you’re crowned the Apex champion, including the whacky Mirage Voyage, the hot-spot Refinery, and more!

Get guns. Then loot. Then kills. Claim the title of Champion of the Arena. That’s the objective in every Apex match, but the first two steps aren’t always easy. Luckily, we’ve charted out some of the best places to find top-tier loot.

Here are the best paths to take in World’s Edge if you want to make sure you’ve got the strongest ⁠— and enough ⁠— guns and gear for the battle ahead:

Sniper Ridge to Drill Site or Skyhook

  • Land ⁠— The Sniper Ridge
  • Then ⁠— Skyhook outskirts
  • Finish ⁠— Drill Site
Best loot zone World's Edge Skyhook Drill SiteRespawn Entertainment
Loot zone path: Sniper’s Ridge > Skyhook outskirts > Drill Site.

Naming one of the most loot-filled locations in the game as a good loot zone might be a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s about how you approach the ever-present battle in Skyhook that is key in Season 7 ⁠— by landing on Sniper’s Ridge first.

The lofty sniper tower boasts five loot bins, including two in the upper reaches of the ridge which have guaranteed long-ranged options. Here you can often find Triple Takes, Longbows, and Sentinels, as well as scopes and attachments.

Now you’ve got some guns, move down to the twin buildings on Skyhook’s outskirts. As well as loot bins on top of each roof, there are three levels chock full of ammo, armor, and weapons to get you ready for the final push ⁠— Skyhook itself.

Drill Site is a great place to head anywhere from, once you've got your lootRespawn Entertainment
This loot path will eventually take you to central point of interest Drill Site.

The best option here, especially if the circle is on the southern side of the map, is to head on to Drill Site. There’s only mid-tier loot here, but if you can catch unsuspecting opponents, you can scoop more loot with ease.

To leave, mount Drill Site’s Jump Tower and soar across the middle of World’s Edge. Once you’re in the skies, you can jet towards Train Yard, Lava Fissure, or Fragment West, armed with the best long-range weapons and a ton of loot.

There is one other option to add to this loot path, but it’s risky. Instead of racing over the hill and into Drill Site, you can join the big Skyhook battle. There are 26 loot bins around, so it could be well worth your time ⁠— if you can stay alive.

Refinery to The Epicenter

  • Land ⁠— Refinery
  • Then ⁠— Survey Camp
  • Finish ⁠— The Epicenter
Best loot zone World's Edge Refinery EpicenterRespawn Entertainment
Loot zone path: Refinery > Survey Camp > The Epicenter.

Away from the western side of the map, where our first two loot zones were, lies the Refinery. A popular drop spot, the north-east mega-building has more than two dozen supply bins, and a host of shacks outside ⁠— a perfect place to start.

Land on the roof of Refinery, and grab some weapons from inside. After a quick trip out the back to the two major smokestacks, where there’s always plenty of ammo and loot on the floor, swing around to the north to the buildings.

Loot these buildings, and then put the pace on to make Survey Camp early. There are racks of guaranteed guns that arrived in the Season 4 update here too, so make sure you check in there before heading on to the last zone.

World's Edge Epicenter is a key part of the map, and is a great loot zoneRespawn Entertainment
All roads lead to World’s Edge centerpiece, The Epicenter, if you start at the Refinery.

As well as your guns, armor, and hopefully a few rare bits of loot so far, you’ll have to bring a coat too ⁠— you’ll be heading into The Epicenter as your final destination in this loot path, with the aim to grab everything left over.

There’s every chance this would have been looted already, but there’s more than enough to go around. As well as multiple guns on the platforms and in the small dome room. The hills are also alive with supply bins and gear.

Load up. From The Epicenter, you’ll be either heading into Fragment East and West ⁠— home of the deadliest gunfights in World’s Edge ⁠— or over the gap to The Train Yard, another favorite of Apex players everywhere. Good luck!

The Geyser to Sorting Factory

  • Land ⁠— The Geyser
  • Then ⁠— The Ridge
  • Finish ⁠— Sorting Factory
Loot zone Sorting Factory World's EdgeRespawn Entertainment
Loot zone path: The Geyser > The Ridge > Sorting Factory.

This walled-off area is probably one of the safest places to drop in Apex Legends. Barely any players aim for the back of the area, there’s plenty of cover in the five big buildings, and there are four exit routes if everything goes south.

Land at the back of the Geyser to start your path. Here there are three bins and a three-room building, the center of which often boasts epic loot. Clear the whole area out ⁠— the two long halls, as well as the patches of bins ⁠— and move on.

Heading around the corner of the hill, you’ll arrive at The Ridge. There’s a building giving you cover from Sorting Factory for now. Loot that, and the four extra rooms off to the right, and then head into the major Factory location.

The Geyser is hidden from much of the rest of the World's Edge map, making it a great loot zoneRespawn Entertainment
The seclusive Geyser makes a great starting point for any Apex Legends victory.

Here is where you’ll do the majority of your fighting. The World’s Edge’s circle often closes to here, and there are acres of loot too. A whopping 45 bins ⁠— the second biggest in World’s Edge after Thermal Station ⁠— also wait to be opened here.

The key is to stay indoors. Sometimes the train arrives here too, with its guaranteed epic and legendary gear, and you can ambush players riding the map-wide track. Mainly, however, you just want to claim the centerpiece high ground.

Overlook to Fragment East & West

  • Land ⁠— Outlook
  • Then ⁠— Fragment East
  • Finish ⁠— Fragment West
Loot zone Fragments East and WestRespawn Entertainment
Loot zone path: Overlook > Fragment East > Fragment West.

Overlook is another safe landing spot, but this path takes you right into the action when you battle your way into the remnants of Capitol City. At the start though, make sure you land at the back of the east-most area to get started.

This area has a hefty 19 bins to take advantage of, as well as a smattering of loot around the ground as well. Make sure you pick the viewing platform clean. Then work your way inland to the buildings above the Underpass.

Here, there is a load of unmarked bins, as well as four buildings bursting with loot. You’ll need as much as you can get, considering your next destination ⁠— Fragment East ⁠— is going to be a little more action-packed.

Once you’re fully kitted out, you’re going to the wreckage of Capitol City. There are 32 bins in here to loot, as well as more than 10 buildings of various sizes. There even used to be a fridge so powerful it could protect from death.

Forget the glitched fridge though, because this will be your final battleground. With plenty of space to move and exit in every direction, pick a spot. As enemies roll in, you’ll be able to rack up kills, and maybe even a well-earned win too.

Fragment East & West replaced Capitol City as a must-drop locationRespawn Entertainment
Fragment East & West once known as Capitol City still remains one of the best World’s Edge’s endgame locations.

And there you have it ⁠— five of the best World’s Edge’s loot zones to traverse on your quest to becoming a Champion of the Arena in Apex Legends.

You know where to look to find loot now, but if you’re not so sure what to take every time you crack open a bin, we’ve got you covered too: give our Ultimate Weapon Tier List for Season 7 a read, and you’ll be good to go.