Hidden Apex Legends World’s Edge ‘rat spot’ with Loba is a problem

Loba standing by Lava in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have uncovered a spot on World’s Edge that is pretty broken and could give you free wins if the circle rotates that way.

Ever since Apex Legends first launched over two years ago, players have been finding sneaky ways to pick up wins and dominate their opponents.

There have been plenty of ‘rat spots’ – hard-to-reach areas that only certain legends can get to thanks to their abilities – found on the battle royale’s maps, as well as clearly out of the map locations too.

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Some of these spots can be pretty useless and are just a good way of showing where Respawn hasn’t quite finished clipping or designing certain areas. Yet, some of them can give you wins.

mining rig in worlds edge Apex Legends mapRespawn Entertainment
There appears to be a few secrets hiding under World’s Edge.

Now, players have found that there is a bit of a broken spot in the middle of World’s Edge where you can use a Pathfinder zipline or Loba bracelet to access it.

As Apex Legends YouTuber Bottlecap shows, this spot is right where the lava currently cracks the map in two between Harvester and Fragment. You can hop down to it and crawl quite a ways through before things get weird and you experience visual glitches.

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In terms of it being a spot that could affect every game, it’s not quite that broken. However, if the final circle is nearby, you could hide in there without anyone noticing. Plus, if you need to escape, you can always jump onto the lava and be teleported upwards.

Upon seeing the spot, some players called on Respawn to tidy it up and make sure it can’t be abused. Though, leakers have suggested that World’s Edge is going to undergo some map changes anyway.

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It remains to be seen if these supposed map changes will make this spot inaccessible, though. But for now, it’s something to watch out for.

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