Seagull baffled at Apex Legends no reg shots with Kraber and Arc Star

Seagull Twitch / Respawn Entertainment

Former Overwatch pro Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned felt the impact that the hit registration (reg) issues can have in Apex Legends – making him miss a would-be incredible Kraber headshot and point blank Arc Star stick.

Luckily, Respawn Entertainment are already fully aware of the issue as an influx of player complaints and community backlash have echoed the same plea for the devs to address the frequent issue.

For a lot of players, that patch couldn’t come soon enough as they’re finding the most bizarre forms of hit reg affecting their games.

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Seagull came across at least two instances in a single stream in which the Apex issues derailed what would otherwise be clean takedowns.

While navigating an extended firefight, the streamer was surprised by a player making their way up from below. Instinctively, they flicked to their position to throw what would have been a point blank Arc Star stick.

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“Oh sh*t,” Seagull said, realizing that the explosive didn’t quite stick to its intended target. Even though the sound queue went off, the former Dallas Fuel Flex star was surprised to see the Arc Star disappear in totality.

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“‘Oh well, that sounded like it stuck by the way,’” Seagull read before responding. “Yeah, I know it did. I got very confused because I heard a stuck noise with an Arc Star.”

The player was downed almost immediately after the error, and it wouldn’t be the last time they noticed an unfortuitous hit reg issue.

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Later in the stream, Seagull was equipped with a Kraber .50-cal Sniper and perfectly predicted the trajectory of an Octane boosted by his Launch Pad.

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But the ensuing shot didn’t register to the jettisoned player, even as the game showed a splatter of blood coming from the Adrenaline Junkie’s head.

Seagull managed to get immediate recompense with Octane’s teammate instead, so the hit reg didn’t have too much of a heinous consequence that time around.

Though hit reg has been a persistent issue in Apex Legends, the community are excited that the Respawn team have the problem in their sights for a fix that will hopefully come soon.

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