Rampart’s Apex Legends Season 10 buffs have made her stronger than ever

The new Apex Legend leaks have confirmed Rampart will be a defensive Legend.Respawn Entertainment

Rampart was, definitively, Apex Legends’ worst character. That was until the Evolution Collection buffs, allowing her to take the now-mobile Sheila minigun with her. Now, Rampart’s pick and win rates are through the roof, and she could shake up the meta.

Let’s face it: Rampart was a joke in Apex Legends.

The Amped Modder has struggled to find a place in the meta since joining the roster in Season 6. Numerous buffs to her Amped Covers and her Sheila minigun did nothing to solve the crux of her identity problem.

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Then, the Evolution Collection update came and changed all of that. With Rampart now able to take Sheila with her ⁠— almost like having a third gun ⁠— she has now become a force to be reckoned with.

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Rampart is no longer a troll pick: She’s actually relevant in the Apex Legends meta.

It’s still early days, but according to data from ApexLegendsStatus, Rampart isn’t just popular: She’s healthy, and perhaps trending towards overpowered.

Rampart’s pick rate is, at the time of publishing, around 6.5%. It peaked at over 7% on September 15 when the patch dropped, which was a far cry from her 1.8% play rate just a day earlier.

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It puts her sixth on the Apex Legends popularity charts behind Octane (14.3%), Wraith (11.4%), Pathfinder (10.1%), Bloodhound (8.7%), and Lifeline (8.4%).

Rampart play rate Apex Legends evolution collection event buffsApex Legends Status
Rampart is almost in the top five most played Apex Legends characters since her buffs.

It’s not just casual players picking Rampart. In fact, she’s becoming popular in high elo at a much more rapid rate.

At the top of Predator, Rampart’s win rate sits around 17.61%, which is middle of the pack compared to other Legends. However, her pick rate has boomed from around 0.3% to 1.89% between Top 100 players in ranked.

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Dexerto has confirmed this data with ApexLegendsStatus.

Apex Legends win rates in ranked after Evolution Collection patch

Win rates and play rates based on Top 100 Predator players. Data from September 15 to September 20 (9299 games).

Legend Win Rate Play Rate
Crypto 31.66% 2.79%
Wattson 20.00% 0.91%
Seer 18.36% 2.75%
Caustic 18.00% 2.15%
Rampart 17.61% 1.89%
Pathfinder 17.26% 14.83%
Wraith 16.81% 12.54%
Bloodhound 16.80% 10.82%
Gibraltar 16.78% 6.09%
Octane 16.77% 25.02%
Bangalore 16.52% 4.88%
Horizon 16.39% 6.43%
Fuse 16.22% 0.80%
Valkyrie 14.23% 2.95%
Loba 10.87% 1.48%
Lifeline 9.94% 1.95%
Revenant 9.35% 1.15%
Mirage 5.41% 0.40%

While some of that play rate increase can be attributed to players testing out the changes, that sharp rise could mean bigger things to come for Rampart.

With the next season of ALGS around the corner, and a shift to King’s Canyon on the card for ranked, it’s a perfect storm for Rampart’s emergence into the meta.

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She’s now more mobile thanks to the Sheila buff, meaning her team doesn’t need to bunker down in one place. This is a major boon to pro teams.

King’s Canyon in ranked is also a major factor. Having Charge Towers dotted across the map is huge for Rampart players as they can drop onto one on spawn, charge their Sheila, and have a free gun for the early game.

Top players and streamers are already singing her praises, and it could just be a matter of time until everyone catches on and realizes that Rampart will be meta in Apex Legends.

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It’s a funny thing to read, and even harder to type, but it’s true. In her words: “Say hello to Sheila.”