iiTzTimmy mocks “balanced” Rampart buff in latest Apex Legends update

Alan Bernal
iiTzTimmy / Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Evolution Collection update made plenty of changes to the game, which left popular streamer iiTzTimmy in disbelief after using Rampart’s newly buffed Sheila ultimate.

With plenty of buffs and nerfs in the Apex Legends Evolution Collection update, there were bound to be some changes that would disrupt the current meta.

While we wait and see which characters will reign supreme for the rest of Season 10, Rampart’s been looking strong with her revamped ultimate.

Respawn unbounded Rampart’s minigun, Sheila, letting the Amped Modder take the oversized weapon to mow down anyone in its crosshairs.

After a couple of days away from Apex, iiTzTimmy got back onto Olympus to get his first impressions on the game after the Evolution Collection patch.

That’s when he rediscovered Sheila now that it can move with Rampart, and he was a bit surprised of its effectiveness after its buff.

“My question is: Is this accurate on lift,” he said before giving Sheila a test run going up a jump tower. He didn’t have many targets to test out Sheila while riding up, but a few moments later he got to see how the mobile-machine gun can quickly erase people.

A quick double kill from distance quickly let him form an opinion on Rampart’s buffs, joking that Sheila was “a fair and balanced gun.”

Sheila can spit out a barrage of bullets and dish out plenty of damage – especially when paired with Rampart’s Amped Cover walls.

Along with impressive accuracy, there’s plenty of reasons to call the buffed up ultimate overpowered.

There were a few instances where iiTzTimmy saw just how potent the gun could be, even at long range, making it a much-needed, and long-requested, buff for Rampart.

In the coming weeks we’ll see if her power got too strong after the Apex Legends update, but there are plenty of people loving the new changes to Rampart’s kit.