iiTzTimmy pokes fun at Apex Legends L-Star nerf: “It’s still OP”

Apex Legends streamer iitztimmy alongside l-starTwitch: iitzTimmy/Respawn

Apex Legends star iiTzTimmy took some shots at the nerf given to the L-Star by Respawn Entertainment, claiming that it is still pretty overpowered regardless of the changes.

Just like its other battle royale rivals, Apex Legends has had a few issues with things being overpowered in-game and annoying players to no end.

With most of the focus being on the legends abilities, OP weapons aren’t always at the forefront of player complaints. Though, that’s not to say that they get ignored. OP weapons do get changes as often as the legends.

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Following the Evolution Collection event update, some fans believe that the L-Star was nerfed “into the ground” but when Apex Legends streamer iiTzTimmy took a look, he wasn’t too sure.

Respawn Entertainment
The L-Star has undergone a handful of changes in Apex.

During his September 18 stream, the Apex star was going through the patch notes and checking out the recent weapon changes, giving his thoughts on what Respawn had tweaked.

When he got around to the L-Star, again, viewers pointed out that it had been nerfed heavily, but he wasn’t having it – destroying the firing range targets with precision and taking shots at the nerf.

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“Wait, it’s nerfed? What can I do now that the L-Star nerfed,” the streamer joked as he dished out headshots on the dummies. “Chat, I have no idea what I can do now. I can’t pick this gun up anymore! I really can’t, it’s so bad.” He continued destroying the targets and joking about the nerf before proclaiming: “It’s still OP.”

Timestamp of 22:50

As he tested each change out, the streamer come to the conclusion that the Bocek Bow benefitted most from the changes, given the buff given to the Shatter Caps hop-up.

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Of course, Respawn are always considering tweaks and the L-Star might have to go under the microscope again, especially if it’s not been nerfed as heavily as some initially thought. But we’ll have to wait and see.

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