Post Malone just can’t hit his Wingman shots in Apex Legends stream

David Purcell
post malone apex legends
The Come Up Show from Canada / Respawn

Post Malone is known around the world as a popular rapper, but also as an avid Apex Legends fan. In a Twitch stream with iiTzTimmy, he proved that while he might be a star on the big stage, he’s not quite one with the Wingman. 

Fans of the 26-year-old rapper will know that he was stacking up lots of Crafting Metals and Apex Coins waiting for Season 12 to launch on February 8.

A clip shared to social media before the update went live revealed he had over 376,000 coins and nearly 500,000 metals to splash on skins. Quite the warchest, some might say.

Those wanting to see him in action were given a huge boost on February 24, as Twitch star iiTzTimmy – who has north of 1.6 million followers on the platform – announced they would be teaming up the following day.

Post Malone streams Apex Legends with iiTzTimmy

As thousands of viewers tuned into the broadcast on February 25, to catch a glimpse of Malone’s skills, they were met with a scene far too many players can resonate with… He just couldn’t land those Wingman shots.

After finding himself near Hammond Labs on the Olympus map with his Duos teammate, Post Malone decided to push enemies with the revolver. Barging through the door, he aimed down his sight the entire time and tried to hit multiple heavy bullet blows. He barely laid a glove on them.

The award-winning singer screamed: “Woah… Woah… WOAH!” Seconds later, he was knocked down and eliminated.

The Wingman can be deadly when its bullets hit the target, but it’s one of the trickier weapons to handle.

It’s actually a common joke in the Apex community that many players, even despite playing since the earlier seasons, still haven’t quite mastered the revolver.

While Post Malone has joked that he’s not very good at the game in the past, it would be far too harsh to write off his skills based on a single clip. His fans will be hoping that this becomes a regular thing now anyway – not the Wingman death, but the streams.