Perfect Octane buff would make him a team player in Apex Legends

Joe Craven

One Apex Legends player is tired of Octane’s self-serving abilities, and so has devised a unique overhaul of the adrenaline junkie that would see him become much more of a team player.

Since his introduction way back in Season 1, Octane has been a fairly popular legend thanks to his incredible speed and the unique ability to heal when he is not taking damage. This allows him to continually stimulate his performance with adrenaline, giving him a major, albeit temporary, speed buff.

However, despite his relative popularity, it has been widely acknowledged that the abilities of other legends are far more beneficial to a team. Lifeline, for example, can heal members of her team very regularly, or can call in a care package to provide an armor upgrade.

Octane’s ultimate ability sees him throw down a springy launch pad.

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It seems like one Apex Legends fan has grown tired of Octane’s selfish abilities, devising an overhaul for the speedster to make him much more of a team player.

The Octane main describes the legend’s ultimate as a less favorable version of Pathfinder’s zip-lines, as well as pointing out how dependent his tactical and passive are on one another. His current tactical is the stim-shot, while his passive enables him to heal the small portion of damage done by the stim.

In order to improve Octane’s ultimate, the proposal sees it change from a ‘Jump Pad’ to a ‘Launch Pad’. This would allow those using the pad to re-deploy and properly glide in mid-air, similar to dropping in at the start of a game.

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This buff to Octane’s ultimate ability would enable players to completely reposition during a skirmish, gaining the higher ground where they previously might not have been able to.

Similarly, it would enable massively increased mobility around the map, similar to the existing balloons that allow re-deploy. However, players would no longer have to risk their lives in order to make it to a balloon and then scale up it.

Octane’s current abilities in Apex Legends.

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Finally, the player proposes a buff to Octane’s passive. The ability to heal would remain the same, but the adrenaline-junkie would not be slowed by enemy equipment, such as Wattson’s fences or Caustic’s traps. This would keep his speed as a major counter, giving him a wide buff against a number of legends.

Despite the awesome buff concept, it is not entirely clear whether Respawn are considering a buff for Octane. It is certainly true that the speed demon’s abilities are more self-serving than other legends, but this may have been a conscious choice from Respawn. We’ll have to wait and see how they play this one.

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