NICKMERCS weighs in on aim assist debate in Apex Legends: Controller vs KBM

Jacob Hale
nickmercs apex legends

Top Twitch streamer NICKMERCS has weighed in on the age-old aim assist debate once again, this time with talks of a potential change coming to controller players in Apex Legends.

After nerfing the popular tap strafing movement mechanic in Apex, developers Respawn said that they would “continue to evaluate” controller aim assist in the game.

Obviously, this has renewed the aim assist debate and got many controller players worried about the prospect of the feature being nerfed — with keyboard & mouse players insisting that an aim assist nerf is necessary.

Nick has always placed himself firmly on the side of controllers and with his newfound obsession with Apex, he had to make his feelings known on the subject.

After Respawn said this, Nick posted a video to his More NICKMERCS YouTube channel discussing the idea of possible nerfs incoming.

“In this video, we’ve got to come together,” he explained to his viewers. “Take the keyboard and mouse guys, put them over there. Controller gang, I’m talking to you.

“Apex Legends put out a tweet, they’re discussing the way aim assist works in Apex Legends. I don’t know what changes they’re making, I don’t know if they want to nerf or buff aim assist… I don’t give any cr*p about these keyboard and mouse players. Don’t care in the littlest bit.”

He goes on to say that “it’s funny all these keyboard and mouse guys be talking about aim assist being broken, right? But they’re on keyboard and mouse… “

Nick has always made his stance clear on aim assist, from the early Fortnite days right through to Warzone and Apex Legends, and he’s definitely not giving it up any time soon.

If changes are made to aim assist, you can guarantee there’ll be a whole lot of community discussion surrounding it — and Nick will certainly make his feelings known.

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