NICKMERCS reveals his ideal Apex Legends settings for controller players

Jacob Hale. Last updated: Aug 12, 2021
NICKMERCS Apex Legends Controllers
FaZe Clan/Respawn/Sony/Microsoft

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff officially abandoned Warzone in favor of top competitor Apex Legends, and he’s been grinding to an unreal level.

From the early days of Fortnite to now running the Apex Legends category on Twitch, Nick has always been one of the top controller players that others look to for inspiration.

The Apex grind has been very real, reaching the Diamond ranks within a week of starting and looking capable of holding his own against some very high-level players.

Here are the controller settings Nick uses.

NICKMERCS Apex Legends controller settings

Timestamp 22:20


Gameplay settings

  • Interact Prompt Style: Compact
  • Button Hints: On
  • Crosshair Damage Feedback: X w/ Shield Icon
  • Damage Numbers: Stacking
  • Ping Opacity: Faded
  • Obituaries: On
  • Minimap Rotation: On
  • Weapon Auto-Cycle on Empty: On
  • Auto-Sprint: On
  • Double-Tap Sprint: Off
  • Jetpack Control: Toggle
  • Incoming Damage Feedback: 3D
  • Taking Damage Closes Deathbox or Crafting Menu: Off
  • Hop-Up Pop-Up: On
  • Streamer Mode: Killer Only
  • Anonymous Mode: Enabled
  • Usage Sharing: Disabled
  • Performance Display: On
  • Club Invites: Disabled

Controller settings

  • Button Layout: N/A
  • Stick Layout: Default
  • Interact/Reload Button: Tap to Use and Reload
  • Crouch Button: Toggle
  • Aim Button: Hold
  • Survival Slot Button: On
  • Trigger Deadzones: Moderate
  • Menu Cursor Speed: N/A


  • Look Sensitivity: High (4)
  • Look Sensitivity: Default (3)
  • Per Optic Settings: N/A
  • Response Curve: Classic
  • Look Deadzone: Small
  • Movement Deadzone: Small
  • Inverted Look: Off
  • Vibration: Off

Video settings (PC)

  • Display Mode: Fullscreen
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (native)
  • Resolution: 1920×1080 (native)
  • Brightness: 50%
  • Field of View (FOV): 110
  • FOV Ability Scaling: Enabled
  • Sprint View Shake: Minimal


  • V-Sync: Disabled
  • NVidia Reflex: Enabled + Boost
  • Adaptive Resolution FPS Target: 0
  • Anti-aliasing: None
  • Texture Streaming Budget: 3GB (VRAM)
  • Texture Filtering: Bilinear
  • Ambient Occlusion Quality: Disabled
  • Sun Shadow Coverage: Low
  • Sun Shadow Detail: Low
  • Spot Shadow Detail: Disabled
  • Volumetric Lighting: Disabled
  • Dynamic Spot Shadows: Disabled
  • Model Detail: Low
  • Effects Detail: Low
  • Impact Marks: Disabled
  • Ragdolls: Low

Audio Settings

  • Master Volume: 68%

Voice Chat

  • Voice Chat Record Mode: Open Mic
  • Open Mic Record Threshold: 0
  • Incoming Voice Chat Volume: 82%


  • Sound Effects Volume: 100%
  • Dialogue Volume: 100%
  • Music Volume: 28%
  • Lobby Music Volume: 45%
  • Sound in Background: Off
  • Play Incoming Text Chat as Speech: Off
  • Convert Incoming Voice to Chat Text: Off

Of course, controller settings come almost entirely down to personal preference. While Nick has had the help of different Apex Legends pros to put together his own, he and anyone else would advise finding what works for you.

For example, you might prefer to play on a higher sens or enable Double-Tap Sprint, but ultimately it comes down to what will help you earn those sweet victories.