ImperialHal & other Apex Legend pros want the “unfun” Charge Rifle changed

Apex Legends Charge RifleRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends pro Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen agrees with FURIA’s Nelson ‘Xera’ Medina that Apex Legends’ Charge Rifle needs to be changed. 

There have been plenty of divisive weapons in Apex Legends’ long history, but the conversation around the Charge Rifle has been going strong since its addition to the game in 2019. 

The fundamental and unique aspect of the Charge Rifle is the fact that it has no bullet drop despite being a sniper rifle, this means that your effective range is, in theory, infinite.

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This can lead to situations where you are pinned down by a Charge Rifle sniper with no real way to fight back because as soon as there is a line of sight you will start getting burned by its laser.

While there have historically been more oppressive weapons in the game, some argue that none offer so much reward for so little risk. TSM’s ImperialHal seems to agree with this sentiment, as he mocked the weapon in an exchange with FURIA’s Xera.

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Hal agrees with Xera: “Charge Rifle needs to go into the care package”

The TSM star liked Xera’s April 11 Tweet that reads: “Realm has only made me realize more how much the charge rifle needs to go into the care package. The gun is so ridiculously unfun and way too rewarding for how low skill it is.”

Hal quickly replied: “You don’t like getting shot from 200 meters away while also having to calculate a 3v3? Just don’t get shot lol.”

He also noted that he’ll rush into fights, even at a disadvantage, if there is a Charge Rifle in the area targeting him and his squad.

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Some players see no issue with it, and others call it a crutch. At the end of the day, it’s a weapon that has its quirks like many others found in Apex Legends.

Charge Rifle humorously found itself in the spotlight earlier this year when a battle pass skin for the weapon was mocked for looking pretty spicy. We’ll have to wait and see if Respawn addresses the pros’ concerns in the future.

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