New Apex Legends cheat forces players to drop all their ammo

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Apex Legends cheaters are a crafty bunch, and they’ve moved far beyond the typical wall hacks and aimbots that are typically associated with cheaters. A new method of cheating involves players being forced to reload and drop all their ammo when hitting them.

The grind to get to (and maintain) Predator rank never stops for high-level Apex Legends players. With everyone striving to break into the top 750, things on the ranked ladder get extremely competitive.

As such, there’s no shortage of hackers either trying to hit Predator themselves or trying to ruin a streamer’s day by using unfair advantages to keep them from hitting their goals.

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Most of the time, people who use cheats on Apex Legends have your typical arsenal; aim botting and wall hacking are standard affairs for hackers. However, a new method of cheating has emerged that involves players being forced to reload and drop all their ammo upon landing a hit on them.

Apex Legends cheaters force enemies to drop all their ammo

Cheaters are nothing new when it comes to Apex Legends. Respawn have been fighting against cheaters since the game’s release, and it’s been a back-and-forth battle to keep them from playing.

However, they keep finding new ways to manipulate the mechanics of Apex Legends to swing the game in their favor. Much to the ire of many streamers and high-level players trying to climb to the top.

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A new type of cheat has started hitting the servers, one that forces players to drop all their ammo and reload their weapons upon landing shots on them. Unless you’ve got a Kraber, it makes killing them almost impossible.

High-level player and streamer gdolphn encountered one of these cheaters in their match. The Nemesis fares a bit better than non-burst weapons since it gets four shots off before having to reload, but this firefight was understandably frustrating for the streamer, and the people who partied with him.

According to his account, it drops ammo in your inventory as well as ammo that you don’t even have. This allows the hacker to, in theory, never run out of ammo without having to modify the game in order to give them more ammo in their magazine or in their inventory.

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Cheats like this make it much harder for built-in solutions for situations like this to automatically flag players who aren’t playing fair.