SweetDreams catches top Predator players boosting in Apex Legends Ranked

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Apex Legends pro player Christopher ‘sweetdreams’ Sexton caught a set of top Predator players unfairly gaining RP by boosting in Ranked.

As Apex Legends is a battle royale, coming out on top and taking home the victory will always be the goal for every single competitor in a match.

Although a lot of players are satisfied with standard games, others prefer to raise the stakes and queue for Ranked in the hopes of rising up through the tiers.

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While the majority of the community works hard to improve their skills, some players prefer to take shortcuts and unfairly boost with another enemy squad for RP.

This has become a major problem in Ranked and during a recent stream, Apex pro player sweetdreams caught a squad of top Ranked Predators red-handed cheating to climb the ladder.

Apex Legends boosters caughtRespawn Entertainment
Boosting is a massive issue in Apex Legends, especially at the higher tiers of Ranked.

Top Predators caught red-handed boosting in Ranked

As showcased by Zipp, during a recent Ranked stream, NRG pro sweetdreams was eliminated from a match but happened to run into a set of boosters on the spectate screen.

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Immediately shouting that he’d caught them “red-handed”, sweet was shocked when he realized that one of them was Rank 31 on the Predator ladder for console.

Dropping meds and using Wattson fences to eliminate themselves, the boosters were maximizing the amount of RP they would receive from the match.

Labeling them as “sad” and calling for them to be banned, it’s obvious that sweet and his squad are hoping that Respawn sees the clip and takes action against the cheaters.

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While third-party software can be identified by Respawn through the game’s anti-cheat, boosting is a lot harder to detect and punish.

Unfortunately, cheating for RP undermines the Ranked experience for other players who are attempting to climb the ladder fairly.

Let’s hope the devs can get a foothold on boosting in the near future, as the issue appears to be getting worse as time goes on.

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