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Mysterious UFO spotted in Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon map

Published: 23/Jun/2020 11:22

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players spotted a strange UFO-like object floating off the Broken Coast during the Lost Treasures dev stream. So, what could it be? 

Respawn Entertainment have held a number of dev streams in the past, showing off some new things coming to Apex Legends, while also giving fans some insight into why they’ve made a decision about a change and what else they had thought of as an alternative.

With the new Lost Treasures Collection Event upon us, the devs used their stream to talk about the event and changes to legends. However, some fans spotted a strange-looking object near Broken Coast South that sent speculation into overdrive. 


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Respawn Entertainment
Crypto will get a Town Takeover event in Lost Treasures.

At around the 14-minute mark of the dev stream, a mysterious looking UFO could be spotted floating just off to the side of the Broken Coast South location. Sadly, there isn’t a close-up view of it, but as Octane uses his jump pad, fans did get two looks at the strange object. 

While some might think that it’s there to fill space, the UFO does, however, appear to be big enough for a new map location. Some players even spotted a zipline nearby that looks like it ends up landing on the base of the strange object. 


Timestamp of 13:55

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The Apex devs didn’t even acknowledge what was seen on screen or make attempts to not show it, which obviously sent some fans into overdrive with their theories. 

Plenty of Apex players suggested that it would be a part of some future map change – possibly even a Town Takeover or a part of the weekly hunt missions. However, that is all very much unconfirmed and where it was seen on the map, it wouldn’t exactly be replacing anything it was a Town Takeover location.

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Whether or not the UFO-like object ends up becoming apart of Kings Canyon remains to be seen, but it did look slightly unfinished in any case.


We’ll just have to wait and see as to what Respawn has up their sleeve for future Apex Legends updates.