Mirage players frustrated as Vantage makes him “useless” in Apex Legends

Connor Bennett
Mirage in Apex Legends red skin firing weapon

Mirage mains have been left frustrated by Apex Legends’ newest legend, Vantage, as the Survivalist Sniper can easily identify the real Mirage amongst all the decoys.

While he hasn’t been the strongest legend for quite some time, Mirage has remained a popular pick in Apex Legends thanks to his quirky humor and bamboozling abilities.

When his decoys are deployed, Mirage mains can make a quick escape from a gunfight or reposition to surprise an enemy squad. Though, there are a few tricks that other legends have to help save a bit of time in identifying which Mirage is the real one amongst all the fakes.

Some of these tricks are a bit more powerful than others, however, it seems Vantage – the new legend which has been released in Season 14: Hunted – has a bit of a leg up on everyone else, and Mirage mains aren’t too pleased by it.

Mirage made “useless” by Vantage abilities in Apex Legends

The annoyance was highlighted by Redditor PRIYANSHUC15, who showed that both Vantage’s Spotter’s Lens and Sniper’s Mark abilities will quickly identify the real Mirage and not highlight any of the decoys.

“Mirage’s abilities are useless against Vantage,” the annoyed fan said, with many others chiming in and agreeing with their assessment.

“As a Mirage main we’re very used to getting shafted to high hell every season so this is nothing new,” said one. “Poor Mirage, getting nerfed even when the devs arent trying,” added another. “I have a feeling it’ll get changed, not because vantage is OP, but just to make sure mirage isn’t even weaker than he already is,” commented another.

Some players suggested that it was a bug and that they’ve scanned Mirage decoys when playing as Vantage. Others argued, though, that it idenitfies the decoys as fake and “nerfs” Mirage “even more” anyway.

Seeing as Mirage was buffed to avoid other scan abilities, it remains to be seen if Respawn will dip back into their bag and change things around again. So, we’ll have to keep an eye on things.