Apex Legends Firing Range gets massive overhaul in Season 17 with new map, 1v1 pit, movement practice

new firing range in apex

After being relatively unchanged since releasing years ago in Apex, the beloved Firing Range is getting a total overhaul in Season 17, Arsenal. Here are all the changes you can look forward to on the new Firing Range.

The range is where you come to get some reps in with the weapons, test out Legend abilities, and even 1v1 each other.

But, it was still very limited, and despite some big improvements in Season 16, with more competent dummies and stats, it has always felt like the firing range had more potential.

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Perhaps Season 17 will finally realize that potential though, with a completely new experience being added. Here are all the changes to the Firing Range in Apex Legends this season.

New Firing Range map in Season 17

Sadly, the old Firing Range map is being replaced. This new and much bigger Firing Range now has room for practicing with all the weapons at different ranges, a 1v1 ‘Duel Pit’, and a vert course to practice movement and more.

There’s even a town setting with buildings for more realistic practice, more like the engagements found in real matches. This area will feature doors and windows on the buildings too, as these are also important for interactions with abilities.

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Dummies now fight back

In the new Firing Range, dummies are now “fully customizable”, so you can make them run, strafe and fight back.

You can also increase or decrease the difficulty settings of the dummies to get a harder challenge if you want.

firing range practice apexRespawn Entertainment

1v1 pit

1v1s have been done before in the firing range, but the onus was on players to set them up, reviving each other and using the map as it was – which was never designed with this in mind.

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As Respawn knows how much players enjoy this, there is now a dedicated Duel Pit for 1v1 combat.

And, to make it even easier, it will be possible to join in-progress Firing Range sessions, so you can invite a friend to your game.

firing range fighting in apexRespawn Entertainment

Movement practice

Becoming a great Apex Legends player is not just about good aim and mastering the Legends. The truly best players in the world are also masters of movement.

Sliding, strafing, jumping, wall bouncing, and all the more advanced movement techniques can take hundreds of hours to truly be good at, but the new Vert Course should make that much easier to practice.

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Respawn describes this update as a “majorly expanded Firing Range”, and it will allow you to hone your skills in combat, movement and abilities.

Season 17 of Apex Legends goes live on May 9, and adds the new Legend Ballistic.

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