ImperialHal says Apex Legends pros are “overexaggerating” crashes & ALGS shouldn’t postpone


TSM star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen believes Apex Legends pros need to “deal with” the server crashes plaguing ALGS play as it makes no sense to delay or postpone games. 

With many of the ALGS matches being played online, Apex Legends pros have always been quite wary of server issues causing them problems in-game. 

In the last few days, those concerns have become reality, with games being plagued by crashes and lagging, which has forced teams to lose high-kill games and knocked them out of positions of strength on the map. 

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As a result, a number of pros have hit out at the state of things. Some have labeled the situation as a “joke”, while others have suggested that play needs to be delayed until Respawn figures things out. Though, ImperialHal believes that they just need to crack on and play. 

ImperialHal explains why ALGS postponement would be “stupid” despite crashes

The TSM star, whose squad won the last ALGS LAN in London, gave his thoughts on the problems during his March 20 stream, urging players to just keep playing. 

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“The crashes in ALGS is the most there’s ever been, but I also think, this is definitely a hot take, but I think people are overexaggerating because they don’t seem to understand the whole picture of them possibly having to delay ALGS in terms of money,” Hal said. 

“Obviously, we have to deal with the crashes, but it’s still doable. Instead of delaying it and losing money, maybe people having orgs pull out or them having to move a venue and dates etc, there’s a lot more downsides I think to having to delay it. 

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“It is what it is. Obviously, it shouldn’t be happening but I don’t think people think about the whole picture of downsides of them having to postpone it and delay it.”

Hal further noted that he believes it would be “stupid” for EA and Respawn to have to delay or rework their schedule, and urged fellow pros to think about things rationally. 

As it stands, neither EA or Respawn have weighed in on a possible postponement and Split 2 is still slated to continue with matches come March 26.

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