Apex Legends pros angered by constant server crashes during ALGS “circus”

Apex Legends pros slam serversRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends pros have publicly voiced their frustration over constant server crashes and bugs, complaining that it is ruining the “integrity” of the ALGS and turning it into a “circus”.

Apex Legends’ ALGS has been suffering from repeated crashes over the past week, forcing organizers to replay matches.

This is immensely frustrating for certain teams who have had some of their strongest performances completely chalked off.

Not only that but with a series of bugs also affecting the integrity of the matches, this has sparked a huge amount of backlash from countless pros.

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One of which is 9Impu1se, a player for Fire Beavers who called the servers a “joke” and even criticized the ALGS for being more like a “circus” than esports.

SentinelsRKn also spoke out after a server crash resulted in their squad losing their “god spot” in an ALGS match.

It’s no surprise that this left them extremely “titled” and likely affected their play for the rest of the day.

OXG Esports’ IGL Hill even called out the “competitive integrity” of the ALGS and was clearly confused how a “full game crash in both weeks of ALGS” is even possible.

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With so much at stake and pros dedicating a massive amount of time to improve ready for ALGS matches, it’s obvious they do not think it’s acceptable that the game is in this state.

We’ll have to see if Respawn take the steps to improve the stability of the servers and iron out the bugs, or they risk facing more backlash from teams in the league.

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