iiTzTimmy explains why controller players ‘dominate’ Apex Legends competitive

Connor Bennett

100 Theives’ Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An has weighed in on the ongoing debate between controller vs mouse and keyboard in Apex Legends, and he believes aim assist is a bit strong. 

The debate between whether controller or keyboard and mouse is stronger in Apex Legends has raged for quite some time, with both sides believing the other holds a key advantage in some way. 

Mouse and keyboard players have claimed that controller is utterly dominant, though, likening the aim assist to a “soft aimbot” in the last few months. Some Apex Legends pros have even switched to controller in competitive play, and it’s been paying off for them in ALGS matches as they’ve been topping the kills leaderboards.

In the case of iiTzTimmy, the 100 Thieves star is a dedicated keyboard and mouse player, pulling off some of the best highlights the game has ever seen, but he has tested a controller too. Though, he wouldn’t make the switch again. 

iiTzTimmy debates controller vs keyboard & mouse in Apex Legends

It was a topic that came up during a recent stream, with Timmy talking about keyboard and mouse versus controllers in a competitive setting. 

“I do think controllers are strong, I do think they are difficult to play on. I think controllers are kind of hard to play on, it’s definitely not the easiest thing because you’re limited with your fingers, but I think if you play controller a lot, I don’t think it’s that hard,” the 100 Thieves star said. 

“I feel like the aim assist is really strong, I wouldn’t say it’s easy don’t get me wrong, but I would say it’s harder for M/K players to aim of course. I mean, that’s how it should be for sure, would I go on controller full-time? No, I don’t think so.”

Timmy noted that mouse and keyboard is more “fun” to play on, especially given the movement techniques you can pull off, but when it comes to competitive play, it’s all about aiming and that’s where controller players are “dominant.”

Some players have urged Respawn to tone down aim assist especially in competitive play, but it is such a fine line to navigate that they can’t do something like that on a whim. So, who knows if it will ever change.

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