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How to get your first Apex Legends win

Published: 25/Feb/2019 16:14 Updated: 26/Feb/2019 21:24

by David Purcell


Apex Legends was released on February 4 and there are still players running around Kings Canyon searching for their first victory on the game. So, we thought we would put together an easy guide to help you make it happen. 

There are a number of top tips that can be very useful to use in Apex Legends – varying from everything to running, awareness, shooting and much more. 

It’s all about getting the basics right before stretching yourself too far. After all, you’re not going to read one guide and suddenly become as good as shroud, but we can definitely set you on the right path. 


Respawn EntertainmentLet’s give you some advice to make sure you’re getting the basics right.

Five Top Tips

So, let’s get started with a few simple things that you can do to improve your play style. 

  1. Land together: The landing system in Apex Legends allows three teammates to stick together both in the sky and on the ground. Players should stick quite close together, but branch off slightly to allow each player to have enough loot in the early stages in order to make them competitive. Nobody likes running around without a weapon and you can prevent that very easily. 
  2. Movement is key: There’s nothing easier than eliminating a player that’s standing still. Look at all of the best battle royale players, they’re always on the move. Use movement to your advantage, flank around enemies when you spot them and give yourself the best possible chance to secure an elimination.
  3. Callouts: You’re always going to be playing in a team of three and communication is a key part of a successful team. If you can see a player or if somebody is approaching you, give your teammates co-ordinates and specific directions. “He’s over there” is not going to be very helpful, but pointing out a key location or a nearby feature of the map might help them come over faster to help. It’s so important to have everybody on the same page. 
  4. Take gunfights: You’re not going to improve in Apex Legends by hiding from enemies, camping and grinding your way to the latter stages of a match. Take the fight to players and start building up your tactical awareness in the process. 
  5. Loot enemies for all they’ve got: Players will be dropping across Kings Canyon. When you get an elimination, make sure you’re looting everything they have. This will allows you to get a feel for the best weapons, equipment and the much-needed shields too. Don’t waste Shield Cells reparing your own Armor, just pick somebody else’s up instead.

EAGibraltar, one of the characters in Apex Legends.

Play with different Legends

While these tips will start you off on the right path, it’s mostly about having confidence and knowing how you want to play – as a team. It’s not about individuals. 

Start to familiarize yourself with the different legends in the game, because they all have different abilities that could give you the cutting edge that you’ll need to pick up a victory. If you don’t know how to use an ability and another player does, that gives them an instant advantage. 


Our full guide for Apex Legends characters and their abilities might be very helpful for this. 

Get to know the best weapons

There are a wide selection of guns and equipment in Apex Legends, many of which can be found in our full weapons guide, but don’t fret… We’ll be giving you a full run through of the best below. 

The following three weapons would be good starter weapons to pick from. 

  • Peacekeeper: While Dr Disrespect might disagree, this shotgun is undoubtedly one of the best weapons to start with. It’s very powerful and is very common to find – pretty much everything you want. Give it a try. 
  • Flatline: This gun is a straight fire mid-range gun with hardly any recoil and it can be amazing to use – especially for people just starting out. It only has 20 bullets in its clip, which can be extended with an attachment, but that is the only downside. Other than that, it’s a well rounded weapon and is very effective when just tapping with it. 
  • EVA-8 Auto: Another shotgun, but this type of weapon is ideal for new players that need to jump right into gun fights. It’s got a better fire rate than the Peacekeeper and is definitely worth trying in Apex Legends. 

Apex Legends wikiThe Peacekeeper is one of the most effective shotguns in Apex Legends.

Once you have found the weapons that best suit the way you play, you will have a great chance of going later and later in games. That’s all you need in battle royale – a chance. 


By following the handy tips that we’ve given you here and dedicating some time to becoming familiar with each of the characters, weapons and equipment, you will be much better equipped to be named a champion in Apex Legends for the first time.