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How to stop Loba’s teleport in Apex Legends

Published: 8/Jun/2020 11:01

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players who don’t want to find themselves being flanked by Loba in season five might want to consider which legend they use as one can easily counter her bracelet teleport ability, otherwise known as Burglar’s Best Friend. 

Though Loba hasn’t become a standout star legend like Wraith or Mirage, the Translocating Thief can regularly be spotted on both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. Her abilities make it so that she can flank you with ease and then steal any type of loot in the area.

There are, of course, ways to counter her – every legend has someone that they don’t want to run into. If you’re looking for the answer to stopping her teleport brace so that she can’t get away from you, or get behind you, well there is one legend that you’re going to need to use. 


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Loba’s bracelet is small, but its potential is huge.

As players have pointed out, Wattson’s ultimate ability – the Interception Pylon – can be used to snag Loba’s Burglar’s Best Friend bracelet out of the sky, like it would a normal grenade. 

By throwing the ability in the region of the Interception Pylon, Loba will see the countdown bar to make the leap continue to countdown before the bracelet goes flying back to her wrist. This means that you won’t lose a charge on the ability, but, you will have to reconsider what your plan of action is.

Apparently, enemies can shoot Loba’s bracelet to prevent her teleportation? from apexlegends

Now, if you’re a Loba main who has fear struck into them by the thought of being countered by Wattson, you might not actually have to worry. The Static Defender only had a 5.52% usage rate in May according to stats from


That pick rate is the fourth-worst on the roster of legends, so you might not run into her all that often anyway. As Apex Legends season five continues to progress, players might find other counters to Loba’s bracelet, and, who knows, we might even see someone shoot it out of the sky for once.