Best Apex Legends skin concepts in July: Revenant, Mirage, Gibraltar

Joe Craven

The Apex Legends community has frequently proved itself as one of the most creative and artistic around. That reputation has simply been cemented by some incredible skin concepts from July, focusing on Revenant, Mirage and gentle-giant Gibby. 

Among the many reasons players have fallen in love with Apex Legends, the diverse, likeable, and charismatic characters are high on the list.

The way look, act, and converse has gone down a treat with fans and inspires creativity as players recreate the legends in their own image.

Apex Legends roster
The Apex characters are incredibly diverse and likeable.

Here, we’ve gone through July’s efforts and picked some of our favorites, seeing Revenant, Mirage, and Gibraltar given awesome new looks.

Mirage ‘van Gogh’

First up is a Mirage overhaul from u/LittleTickle66, seeing him styled in the vein of legendary dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. The bamboozling outfit incorporates many of van Gogh’s trademarks, like sunflowers up the sleeves and a starry night on a kneepad.

Similarly, he’s dressed in scruffy overalls, with a bloody bandage around his head – an obvious reference to van Gogh cutting his ear off. It’s a remarkable skin and one we’d love to see added in the near future.

‘Nail biter’ Revenant

The next skin on this list, from u/Wolfdawgartcorner, is a sharp and rusty Revenant. The skeletal assassin is recreated in near-robotic form, with many nails protruding from his body and head.

There’s something deeply haunting and dystopian about this skin, going some way to explain why we love it so much.

‘Amazon River Dolphin’ Revenant

This skin combines the dark and spider-like Revenant with the famous Amazon River Dolphin, in a crossover we didn’t know we needed. The artist – @fluffykratos983 on Twitter – explained that it came from a misunderstanding of the Brazilian myth surrounding the boto cor de rosa.

We didn’t think pink overalls and pointed boots would suit Rev, but we’re more than happy to be proved wrong here.

Crab Revenant

In the next in the series of Revenant and water-animal crossovers we didn’t know we needed is this Crab Revenant crossover from u/Madismall_.

A pointed head, shelled torso and thin claw-like arms make the assassin resonant of Aquaman’s enemy Black Manta. It’s a creepy yet awesome skin concept, with Revenant perfectly believable as a scuttling miscreant on Apex’s maps.

Apex Predator Pilot Gibraltar

Our fifth and final skin again comes from u/Wolfdawgartcorner, this time imagining gentle-giant Gibraltar as a pilot. Thick armor is paired with a helmet reminiscent of vikings, in a scary Gibraltar look that hides his genial nature from sight.

That rounds off our favorite skin concepts from July! Whether Respawn ever add a feature that allows fan-made concepts into the game remains to be seen but, going off the quality of these ideas, we’d love to see it one day.

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