Is there fall damage in Apex Legends?

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Jumping from great heights in a lot of battle royales can result in a painful and immediate death, but can fall damage kill you in Apex Legends?

Unlike Warzone, each of the characters in Apex Legends have a distinct set of abilities that set them apart from other Legends on the roster.

Some of these abilities revolve around repositioning or launching teammates in a certain direction through the air. An example of this would be Octane’s Launch Pad, Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive, or Horizon’s Gravity Lift.

Not only that, features like Gravity Cannons and Redeployment Balloons shoot players into the air. allowing them to reposition on the map. So, with all these abilities, can you die from fall damage?

Can fall damage kill you in Apex Legends?

The short is answer is no, fall damage cannot kill you Apex Legends no matter what health you’re on when you fall from a great height.

It’s worth noting that after landing, there will be a short delay before you can start sprinting. The only Legend this doesn’t apply to is Horizon as her Passive ensures she always lands softly and maintains her momentum.

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Horizon’s Passive allows her to maintain her momentum after falling from a huge height.

So, if you’re new to Apex Legends and you’re worried about jumping down from a cliff or falling from a huge height after using Valk’s jets, there’s no need to worry about taking fall damage.

Respawn would never add it to the game as it wouldn’t work alongside the countless Legend abilities that launch teammates into the air.