Apex Legends’ Vantage can literally dash and wall run with tactical

Brianna Reeves
apex legends vantage wall run

By strategically employing her tactical ability, Apex Legends users discovered that Vantage can perform wall runs and dash maneuvers.

A sharpshooter and the youngest Legend to date, Vantage joined the Apex Legends roster with the advent of Season 14 on August 9.

The new character doesn’t solely bring a Deadshot-esque eye to the table, however. Vantage also comes with an adorable companion, a bat named Echo who plays a pivotal part in the execution of her tactical ability – Echo Relocation.

At its core, Echo Relocation constitutes a smart movement tool. With it, Vantage can order Echo to a location, then hold the tactical button to jump to his spot.

Apex Legends have already found a couple of creative uses for this particular gameplay mechanic, too.

Vantage can wall run and dash in Apex Legends

After engaging her tactical ability, Vantage will stop at nothing to reach Echo’s location – no matter the obstacle.

In putting testing this, Twitter user and content creator Skeptation found that even walls can’t stop Vantage from meeting up with Echo. The below Apex Legends clip shows Vantage performing somewhat of a wall run maneuver on multiple occasions in an effort to jump to her companion.

Similarly, Synergy Nava learned that Vantage can pretty much dash in any direction with the tactical ability engaged. This trick seems to work wonders in terms of giving Vantage more control of the battle situation.

The wall running-like maneuver is particularly interesting, given developer Respawn’s Titanfall heritage.

And since the two franchises share a universe, perhaps it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that some of Titanfall’s maneuverability snuck its way into the battle royale, even if it is situational.

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