Apex Legends devs respond to strange fan request about Vantage’s bat

Brianna Reeves
apex legends vantage bat

A Respawn developer has responded to an odd request from Apex Legends fans who want to shoot Vantage’s pet bat, Echo.

Vantage and Echo joined the Apex Legends lineup fairly recently, arriving alongside the battle royale title’s Season 14 update.

The newest and youngest Legend most notably assumes the role of a sharpshooter, a sniper whose skills come with few limitations.

Vantage’s sidekick, the aforementioned Echo, plays a major role in her abilities on the battlefield, too. However, the bat also features a few exploits that give its owner an unfair advantage.

Apex Legends players want to bring down Vantage’s bat

Enemy combatants can’t shoot Echo as things currently stand. But exploits such as positioning a Heat Shield on the bat for mobile protection have non-Vantage players calling foul.

In fact, one popular Reddit post from Articuno_710 suggests many Apex Legends users agree that Echo shouldn’t be off limits. The thread has raked in over 12,800 upvotes from the community at the time of writing.

Notably, the title’s Lead Gameplay Engineer, Reddit user RV-GameplayChris, responded to the thread with the following comment, “You’re a monster.”

Upon responding to another Redditor who argued that Articuno_710 has a point because of the exploits Echo causes, the developer divulged, “If you mean the shield heal instant activation, a fix is incoming.”

Based on this particular reply, the ability to shoot Vantage’s bat out of the sky won’t hit Apex Legends anytime soon.

At the very least, players can hope Respawn Entertainment will eventually patch out some of the character’s Echo-driven bugs and exploits.

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