Simple Apex Legends trick lets Vantage become a mobile Heat Shield

Vantage in Apex Legends with sniperRespawn/EA

Apex Legends’ newest character, Vantage, can create a mobile heat shield with her winged companion Echo, but some players are worried it might be a bit overpowered.

The start of Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted saw the introduction of the previously leaked legend, Vantage. The Survivalist Sniper, who has a history with Bloodhound, has quickly become a popular pick in the Apex Games.

As players have discovered, her Spotter’s Lens and Sniper’s Mark abilities can through the fuss of Mirage decoy and quickly identify the real one. Though, not everyone is best pleased about that fact.

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On top of those two abilities, Vantage is also to leap to her companion, Echo, and gain the high ground over enemies. Though, some players have already found another use for the winged warrior.

Vantage can become a Heat Shield in Apex Legends

While Echo is small, he is pretty mighty as Redditor SmithyButBig has proven, showing that Vantage’s companion is able to carry a decent weight on his back.

The biggest example of which is the Heat Shield, as players are able to deploy Echo and the survival time together, making it pretty portable.

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As the Apex Legends fan shows, there’s no real stopping Echo when the Heat Shield is on his back and it doesn’t fall through him like it has done with other abilities. Though, it’s safe to say not everyone is pleased about the finding.

Some players have suggested that the trick is simply too powerful and that Respawn will have to step in before long. “This gonna be patched now,” said one. “Better have fun with this before it’s patched out,” added another.

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Others questioned if Rampart’s turret and Caustic’s gas traps can also be deployed in with the aerial attack, but it doesn’t seem likely. So, this one is probably just a bit of a mistake from Respawn that will be addressed before long.

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