Apex Legends “toe-scope” might be greatest trickshot of all time

apex legends sentinel skinRespawn Entertainment

A new term may have been coined by one incredible Apex Legends play as a gamer has managed to hit a nasty “toe-scope” trickshot using only their feet in the hit battle royale game.

With tons of legends, four huge maps, and a bucketload of exciting features and gameplay options, there’s always something new to be done in Apex Legends.

This was certainly the case for one Apex Legends player as they decided to play the game a bit differently. Taking advantage of the Sentinel Sniper Rifle’s high DPS, they managed to pull off a compilation-worthy no-scope trickshot, only, in a very unconventional way.

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bangalore firing gun in apexRespawn Entertainment
Suddenly, using your hands feels antiquated.

Apex Legends player achieves incredible feet

itsPsilo_youtube is an Apex Legends player that was apparently in need of a greater challenge. Despite not being physically impaired, the player opts to play Apex Legends with their feet to spice things up a bit.

It doesn’t seem to affect their gameplay too much, given the ridiculous trickshot they pulled off. A tasty gameplay snippet showed the player in an intense end-of-round fight during a game of Arenas.

During the skirmish, they used an Octane Launch Pad that was lying on the ground to propel themself into the air. After seemingly one hundred 360s in mid-air, they pulled out the Sentinel and hit an instant kill, no-scope on the final enemy player.

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Bear in mind, as the bottom-left corner screen showed, all of this is being done through the use of their feet. In response to the thread’s comments, the OP said: “Just trying to make Apex more interesting they bring the lore I bring the feet hahaha.”

When asked “Do you have to play with your feet or is that a choice?” the OP replied, “choice.”

So if you’re ever growing tired of a game and wonder if there’s more you can be doing to make it more challenging, maybe hand things over to your feet?

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