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Game-breaking Apex Legends bug makes Wraith’s ultimate totally useless

Published: 17/Jan/2022 4:09 Updated: 17/Jan/2022 4:31

by Isaac McIntyre


Wraith players are being left high and dry in Apex Legends this season, after the emergence of a game-breaking new glitch making the Offensive legend’s ultimate ability completely useless in World’s Edge lobbies.

The Voidwalker has been an undisputed top pick in Apex Legends since Respawn’s battle royale dropped in 2019, recently retaking her throne as number one.

Apex Legends players are being punished for picking up Wraith in World’s Edge matches right now, however, with a nasty new bug totally ruining her Dimensional Rift ultimate ability Every time it’s used on the popular Talos battlefield, it totally disappears into nearby structures.


The bug is, unfortunately, very repeatable too.

It’s gotten so bad Wraith players are being forced to stop picking her in World’s Edge matches. Don’t worry though ⁠— Respawn devs are already on the job.

apex legends wraith punches the camera
Respawn Entertainment
Wraith is losing control of her ultimate ability on World’s Edge in Season 11.

Apex Legends devs have already been investigating the issue, and now believe the error comes from specific interactions on World’s Edge. In particular, they warn Wraith players to steer clear of the map’s centerpiece building, the Harvester, which was added to the battlefield at the expense of popular point of interest Sorting Factory in Season 4.

This high-tier loot area ⁠— it boasts a hefty 24 loot bins ⁠— has a high repeat rate for the ultimate bug, with the building’s code somehow deleting Wraith’s ultimate.


Respawn has been hard at work trying to fix the game-changing glitch, with a solution expected to arrive sometime around the Season 12 update next month.

Wraith Ultimate
Respawn Entertainment
Right now Wraith ultimates are activating then disappearing immediately.

Luckily, World’s Edge isn’t in the Apex Legends ranked rotation this season, with new battlefield Storm Point totally dominating proceedings there. Respawn is working on a fix for the Wraith bug too, and should have it solved by the time the map in question rolls back around in competitive lobbies.

Wraith fans have had it tough recently, with players reporting her Tactical Ability has been randomly failing in Apex Legends games across Season 11 too.