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What is a “boop glitch” in Apex Legends? ‘Vertical superglide’ mechanic explained

Published: 15/Jan/2022 20:15

by Alan Bernal


A movement technique in Apex Legends is giving players a ‘vertical superglide’ that some are calling a “boop glitch.” Here’s everything we know about the strange tech.

The Apex community is known for finding and utilizing every kind of movement trick to maximize their chances during a fight. This has given way to popular techs throughout the seasons such as tap strafing and punch-boosting.

Years into the game’s development, people are still finding new ways to outplay their opponents by pushing the boundaries of Apex’s physics.

Recreating boop glitches in a useful way could open up the game’s verticality even more, that is if people can find a reliable way to do it.


Apex Legends boop glitch

The boop glitch essentially gives Apex players upward momentum to quickly scale a building’s floor or get over large obstacles in no time at all.

In application, this looks like a Legend hitting a wall with some speed and seamlessly transitioning to a jump much higher than is typically seen.

“Hitting a corner may convert horizontal momentum to vertical momentum, so if you jump immediately after, you can use that vertical momentum to jump higher,” one user said, explaining the tech.

The prevailing theory suggests that hitting a corner at a “precise angle” will give players a brief window to redirect their trajectory to jump higher.


Clips show people performing the tech in-game, though always with a bit of uncertainty of how exactly they managed to pull off the move.

Now, hear me out, I don’t think it’s a boop glitch, but 3k hours on pathy and i’ve never done this. from Apexrollouts

“Now, hear me out, I don’t think it’s a boop glitch, but 3k hours on pathy and i’ve never done this,” one player said.

With punch-boost fever hitting the Apex community, we’ve seen people extending their momentum to the point of ‘supergliding’ across POIs.

As more players experiment with the boop glitch, we could see another movement trick etch itself into the Apex Legends meta as soon as someone finds how to consistently pull it off.