Apex Legends players claim Sentinel is still broken despite Respawn’s patch

Sentinel sniper in Apex Legends on Storm PointRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players believe there are still some issues with the Sentinel sniper rifle, even after Respawn removed it from the game to implement some fixes. 

Just like its battle royale rivals Warzone and Fortnite, Apex Legends has gone through a few periods where one weapon in particular is just game-breaking.

Most recently, that issue has come from the Rampage LMG and Sentinel sniper rifle as players were able to get an unlimited charge on both weapons to deal more damage.

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Respawn even took the major step of removing both weapons from the loot pool as they looked to get the issues fixed. They’ve since returned after some tweaks, however, players are still running into issues with the Sentinel that they believe should have been addressed already.

apex legends sentinelRespawn Entertainment
The powerful Sentinel sniper has had some changes.

A handful of players across players have pointed out that charging the Sentinel still causes a few headaches. That includes the timer for the charge running out, but the weapon not being amped up.

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As the clip from Redditor MacieJakk shows, the weapon is still a bit inconsistent with the charging up phase, taking a few goes to get to the Amped stage.

“They should’ve fixed that already,” noted one player. “Honestly just glad it’s back in the game but Respawn can do better and we all know it,” added Crybabymango, with another pointing out that the amount of Shield Cells needed to charge the weapon is also incorrect.

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Some players also noted that since the Sentinel and Rampage returned, they’ve been able to pick both weapons up in their charged states, without the need for a Thermite grenade or a Shield Cell charge.

Given that the bug is a little spotty, and both weapons have just gone under the microscope, it seems unlikely that Respawn will make changes anytime soon. Though, players are desperate for a change.

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