Apex Legends bug is terrifying all Legends using a Sentinel

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Apex Legends users who pick up Sentinel sniper rifles have noticed a rather frightening bug involving Vantage’s pet bat, Echo.

Vantage joined the Apex Legends roster at the start of Season 14, bringing along various sharpshooting abilities for players who prefer to operate from a distance.

The new Legends came with a sidekick, too, a small bat who benefits Vantage but can cause quite a few problems for everyone else.

A number of said problems come courtesy of glitches that give the newer hero an unfair advantage on the battlefield. Now another strange bug has Echo wreaking havoc without Vantage reaping the rewards.

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Echo glitch scares Apex Legends players picking up Sentinels

On some occasions, Vantage will retrieve a Sentinel sniper rifle from the ground, resulting in an animation that sees Echo jump on the barrel. It’s a cute gesture that further accentuates their bond.

Not all players find the action adorable, however. While playing as Wraith, Reddit user ElderShrek grabbed a Sentinel and tried going on about their business. Echo hopped onto the gun, though, stopping the player in their tracks for a time.

In sharing a gameplay clip of the moment online, ElderShrek said the unexpected animation startled them a bit.

Several other Apex veterans were quick to note that Echo’s appearance in the above video is indeed a glitch.

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The Echo-centric Sentinel pickup should only work for Apex Legends users playing as Vantage, according to sus0753 and just_Ollie.

Presumably, the issue will eventually receive a fix, though it doesn’t seem Respawn Entertainment has addressed the problem as of yet.

As such, even non-Vantage players should keep an eye out for the Echo pickup animation when retrieving a Sentinel. This especially holds true for those who may consider the bat’s unexpected appearance as somewhat of a jumpscare.