Apex Legends is removing Legend Edition bundles next season

Andrew Amos
Respawn Entertainment

Picked up an Apex Legends Legend Edition bundle for the exclusive skin for your favorite character? They might soon become rare as Respawn and EA look to phase out the bundles ⁠— although they could be returning in a new way.

If you play a lot of one character in Apex Legends, you likely own their special Legend Edition bundle.

With eight different editions covering nearly half the game’s roster, they not only give you plenty of cool loot, but also a healthy dose of Apex Coins to spend on packs. Respawn has also been pushing them out at a steady pace, with Loba’s releasing as recently as November 2021.

However, they might soon become a thing of the past with the special bundles on the chopping block next season.

According to an in-game message, special Legend Edition bundles are being removed from Apex Legends in Season 12.

“This is your last opportunity to buy the Legend Editions! Each comes with a Legendary skin, weapon, charm, banner frame, badge, and 1000 Apex Coins! Check them out in the store tab today,” the announcement reads.

Apex Legends announcement with Legend editions retiring from store in Season 12Respawn Entertainment
This is the announcement players are seeing regarding Legend Editions.

However, they might not be disappearing for good. Apex Legends dataminer ‘Shrugtal’ claimed “they will all likely be moved to EA Play subscribers”, referencing the tracking tag for the announcement in the game files.

EA Play, the publisher’s monthly subscription, does already offer exclusive rewards for members, and the Legend Editions might be pushed behind the $5 a month pay wall (or $30 USD a year). This isn’t confirmed though, and they could be gone forever.

It comes in anticipation of Apex Legends Season 12, boasting new Legend Mad Maggie (yes, the same one from Season 8), big changes to Olympus, and more.

The new update launches on February 8, 2022, so be sure to swoop up any Legend Edition bundles you want before then in case EA vaults them for good.