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Apex Legends Maggie trailer confirms leaked Laser Sights attachment exists

Published: 25/Jan/2022 1:40 Updated: 27/Jan/2022 11:38

by Alec Mullins


Mad Maggie’s Stories from the Outlands episode has arrived and with it came the confirmation of a big weapon attachment leak that has been circulating the Apex Legends community since early January. 

The push toward Apex Legends Season 12 is here and that means that new content is rolling out in order to get fans hooked back in.

In the biggest reveal so far, we now know that Mad Maggie will be joining the Apex games as punishment for her crimes against The Syndicate, but that’s not the only confirmation the new Legend’s teaser brought us.

Maggie teaser confirms new weapon attachment

In the trailer we clearly see Maggie being held at gunpoint by Syndicate soldiers. While that’s nothing out of the norm, the weapons those troops are using do have something special attached to them.


Bright green laser sights are trained across the unhinged woman’s body, a less-than-subtle confirmation of leaks from KralRindo, who speculated these sights, along with a few other attachments could be coming in Season 12.

The original leak suggested that this new sight would be equippable for several different guns, including but not limited to the P2020, RE45, Wingman, Volt SMG, Prowler, and R99.

While this has now been all but confirmed, players are left to speculate about the fate of the other attachments that were revealed around the same time, including the Explosive Lobber for the L-Star and the Kinetic Loader for the Volt, Peacekeeper, and Alternator.


There is still a little room for error regarding the Laser Sights, as all of the SFTOs come with the warning that they are not meant to reflect the gameplay of Apex Legends.

Even if all of these attachments are in the game files right now, that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to be debuting in Season 12.

The Apex devs are always adding things and tweaking them around, meaning it could still be a while before these items hit the loot pool if they ever do.