Apex Legends pros Vexed Gaming break ALGS kill record, but they didn’t even win

YouTube: Matafe

European Apex Legends squad Vexed Gaming managed to break the ALGS kills record, but it came in a game where they just fell short of a win. 

At every level in Apex Legends – whether it’s casual players, wannabe pros in Ranked, or actual professionals in the ALGS – you’ll find a number of different play styles that clash with other teams. 

Some would rather play it slow, using the edge of the zone to their advantage by picking off timely kills. Though, there are plenty of squads that go all out from the get-go, looking to rack up points with eliminations and breaking records. 

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As the ALGS has unfolded over the years, teams have racked up some pretty big kill totals. It’s typically impressive if someone gets close to 20, but that means they’ve fallen short of the long-standing record of 23. Though, Vexed Gaming have finally managed to get there. 

Vexed Gaming get 23 kills in ALGS match

That’s right, the European squad that consists of Matafe, Unlucky, and Tyler have finally managed to match the kill record that was previously held solely by DidWeMakeIt – who set it back in NA Autumn Circuit #2. 

They managed to achieve the feat during the current ALGS split on Day 6 in the fifth game of the round. Despite getting up to 23 kills, they fell just short of a win and finished third. They were edged out by Nightmare and Aurora Gaming, who grabbed 7 and 5 kills respectively. 

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If you missed out on seeing the record happen at the time, don’t fret, Vexed’s Matafe uploaded their achievement – focusing just on the POV of the team – in all its glory. 

The massive haul of points has pretty much secured Vexed’s place in the playoffs as they’ve only been surpassed by Acend on the overall leaderboard.

Who knows, they might be able to go one step further when the lights shine brightest and secure the overall win – even if they don’t match their record again.