Apex Legends pros criticize ALGS spot rule as more orgs leave the game

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Some Apex Legends pros have been critical of how ALGS have handled league spot distribution as players from esports organizations that have pulled out of the esport put together rosters for the next split.

With multiple esports orgs leaving Apex Legends, there are many ALGS spots that need to be filled.

In some cases, spots have been retained by the org’s former players. According to the rules, a roster needs to retain only two of the players who competed in the last split to keep the spot.

Players like TSM’s Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen have been critical of the rule, stating that some teams are taking advantage of it by registering one of these two players as a substitute only to retain the spot.

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ALGS spots may be retained if two players carry over between splits

In a recent live stream, ImperialHal specifically called out Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith’s team, which also includes Paris ‘StayNaughty’ Gouzoulis, Trenton ‘lou’ Clements and Aidan ‘rocker” Grodin, the latter of whom as a substitute.

He claimed that rocker gave his pro league spot to StayNaughty and stayed on the team as a sub to retain their place in the league.

rocker and StayNaughty both played for Cloud9 until the North American organization withdrew from Apex Legends, in December 2022. rocker announced his retirement from competition a month later.

“It’s so dumb how a brand-new team, these players have like never played all three together at one point, all insta-qualified for Pro League because rocker is their sub,” ImperialHal said.

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The Apex Legends Global Series held the qualifiers for the second split of competition in early February and allowed eight new teams into each of the five regional leagues. Fans will be able to see these qualified rosters and the teams that retained their former org’s spots face off as the league starts competition in Split 2 sometime in March.