Apex Legends pro player dropped after getting caught cheating on stream

Controversy has struck the pro scene of Apex Legends as a competitive player who was using cheats in matches has now been exposed.

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The culprit in question is ‘ElmZero,’ a battle royale player who was in the process of joining competitive gaming organization Zenith Esports.

On February 25, during a pro scrim match, Team Liquid pro BR player ‘Rogue’ saw some suspicious activity on ElmZero’s stream, as it appeared that he was using some sort of third-party software to help out his aim.

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Rogue clipped the sequence of events and posted it on Twitter, along with the caption: “How are people streaming cheats in scrims?” 

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Upon seeing this tweet, former professional Paladins player ‘Envy’ tweeted out another clip showing ElmZero hitting some more questionable shots in a different match.

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Putting a cap on the evidence that was starting to pour in, Rogue tweeted out another clip of ElmZero warming up before an Apex Legends match, and the video pretty much proved that the player was using some sort of third-party tracking software. 

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All of this was brought to the attention of Zenith Esports, who were in the process of recruiting ElmZero and had already moved him to the tryouts phase.

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Upon seeing the evidence, Zenith announced that they would be cutting ties with the player completely, as he had violated the terms of their agreement.

“Prior to trialing players, we always verbally agree that nobody will utilize 3rd party software or cheating mechanisms,” they tweeted. “This includes ElmZero. ElmZero was not contracted with us, and has been removed entirely from our trial process. Thank you for looking out.”

Zenith went on to admit that although in situations like this they would normally wait for a formal investigation to be conducted, they org explained that ElmZero deleting all of his Twitch clips and rebroadcasts was evidence enough.

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The player has gone pretty much dark ever since the allegations surfaced, including deactivating his Twitter account, and has yet to make any formal statement regarding this situation. 

While it is a positive that a potential cheater was removed from the competitive scene, this situation raises the bigger issue that there are way too many cheaters currently roaming within Apex Legends.

If a truly successful esports scene is to be built for this game, then Respawn Entertainment will definitely need to step it up when it comes to establishing effective anti-cheat software and filters. 

Until then, many organizations will definitely be treading very carefully when analyzing and assessing the talent levels of potential recruits, as well they should be.

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