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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players want simple Fortnite feature to make finding games easier

Published: 2/Jul/2021 15:07

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players want a simple, yet incredibly helpful feature added to the game that would allow them to spectate friends’ games in progress as they wait to find another match.

Over the last two years, Apex Legends and Fortnite have shared quite a number of features including loot vaults, respawn points, and others.

As a result, fans of both games often suggest that Respawn Entertainment and Epic Games simply take inspiration from new and existing features, and bring it to their own battle royale.

In both games, you have the option to join a friend’s lobby even if they’re in a match and then simply wait for them to finish. It can be a little boring, of course, but Fortnite and other battle royales give you the choice to separate while you wait.


Apex Legends' respawn beacon.
Apex Legends introduced a respawn system, which Epic Games ultimately reproduced in Fortnite and called it the ‘Reboot Van.’

Well, Apex Legends players want Respawn to follow suit and give them the chance to entertain themselves while they wait for their friends to finish up their games.

“The one idea from the “unspoken game” that would actually be pretty good,” said Redditor HissingLemon, referring to Fortnite. “They should just copy what fortnite did with the party system,” added another.

Some other fans went beyond the Fortnite comparisons and pointed out that it’s actually a feature in the mobile version of PUBG and Call of Duty.

Respawn should consider adding a "spectate" option when you join a friend’s group and he’s already playing (just like another battle royale i shall not name) from apexlegends

On the flip side, some players argued that the option would put additional stress on the game’s servers – which Respawn has said time and time again is something that they want to avoid where possible. That’s why we don’t have final killcams and the likes.


The idea has got plenty of backing from players, but as always, the final call sits with Respawn and whether or not its something they want to tackle.