Apex Legends devs respond to stuttering errors following Genesis event update

Loba in Apex Legends genesis eventRespawn/EA

As Apex Legends players have become annoyed with numerous stuttering issues following the Genesis Collection Event update, Respawn have responded saying they’re looking to get them ironed out.

After weeks of waiting, Respawn finally dropped a collection event for Apex Legends: Legacy with the Genesis event. The new update brings back the classic Kings Canyon map alongside a whole host of new skins, a Revenant heirloom, as well as some legend changes.

As players have quickly sunk their teeth into the new update, they’ve been met with a host of issues – the biggest of which sees the battle royale lag and stutter throughout matches, no matter if you’re fighting or rotating to a new position.

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Plenty of fans have voiced complaints about the issues, calling on Respawn to get things ironed out sooner rather than later, especially as it becomes more widespread.

Revenant climbing Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Revenant got a big climbing buff in the Genesis Collection event.

Well, the devs have finally responded, noting that it’s a tricky issue to fix given that its pretty hard to reproduce on their end.

“I’ve been hearing about this on the grapevines. I’m going to summarize this as the ‘Xbox hitching/stutter issue’,” said Respawn’s ‘Exgeniar’. “Yes. I have been told we are trying to track down this issue at the moment, but we don’t have much information on it yet.”

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Exgeniar added that Respawn are trying to find the root cause of the issue, but it’s proving to be tricky as they “want to know how to make it hitch on demand.”

Screenshot of Reddit comments from apex legends devsScreenshot via Reddit
Respawn’s full response to the issue.

The dev also noted that there have been a few reports of PC’s with a high frame rate suffering from the issue, and capping the frame rate at a lower number might be a temporary solution.

With Respawn not yet breaking through on replicating it, a fix could be some way off just yet. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see.