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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players vote which Legend should be buffed next

Published: 12/Apr/2020 15:49

by Daniel Cleary


Apex Legends fans have revealed their votes for which characters they want to see buffed next in the popular battle royale title.

Apex now has twelve playable characters for fans to pick from, each equipped with their own unique ability kits that can impact a game.

It is not often that all legends are perfectly balanced, however, as players are continuing to come up with innovative new ways to gain advantages on their favorite characters, and as the developers make changes to abilities.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex players have called for buffs to be made to certain legends.

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As more and more characters are added to Apex, at a rate of one per season, some of the game’s legends have fallen a little too far behind their counterparts and we asked fans who they think needed a buff next.


Surprisingly there were quite a few changes that the majority of fans agreed on, varying from minor ability changes to massive buffs for certain legends.

One of the most popular requests was for the Holographic Trickster, Mirage, to receive some major buffs and Respawn devs seem to agree after confirming on April 7 that Mirage was due some upgrades in a future update.

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Octane was another Legend that fans rallied behind, with many claiming that he was just a little too underpowered in the current state of the game.

Fans of the High-speed daredevil came up with some suggestions for how to improve his kit, such as buffing his ‘Stim’ ability to give him better jumps and faster reloads, to help him keep up against some of the meta picks.


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Although Octane and Mirage stood out as two of the favorites, there were also calls for individual abilities such as Bangalore’s ultimate to receive some buffs with claims that her missiles are a bit too slow to explode.

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There were some players asking for some changes to be made to Caustic’s Nox Gas abilities, which Respawn has also revealed they are working on, highlighting that the Legend’s kit could affect some of his teammates in crucial situations.

Although some of the fans’ suggestions are always already scheduled to happen, it will be difficult for Respawn to maintain a perfect balance with many more Legends, such as Loba, rumored to be added in the coming seasons and change how games are played.