Apex Legends players urge Respawn to make Gun Run LTM permanent

Apex Legends character holding fan knifeRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players want to see the Gun Run LTM made permanent given it has taught some fans more about the battle royale’s weapons than ever before.

Over the last few years, Respawn Entertainment have repeatedly brought about new limited-time modes – or LTMs – to Apex Legends that have quickly captured the attention of fans.

That’s been the same story in Season 14 as they’ve released Gun Run. If you haven’t tried it out yet, well, where have you been? Gun Run is a take on the classic Call of Duty game mode Gun Game where, by getting a kill, you progress to a new gun before needing to get a game-winning kill with a throwing knife.

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The mode, which is set to go away soon, has already proven pretty popular with fans as a way to warm up before dropping into the main BR. And, as a result, many want it to stick around.

Apex Legends fans want Gun Run to be 24/7 mode

Plenty of fans across social media have urged Respawn to make it a permanent mode, with plenty of Reddit posts getting significant backing from players.

“Firing Range feels very static, BR is very high pressure with just one life while Gun Run and the constant challenge of different enemies and different scenarios works so well in my learning and having fun at the same time,” said one fan, who praised the mode as a training tool, saying its taught them “more about weapons and recoil” than the main BR.

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“Gun Run has definitely been fun. It’s also really helped me learn some guns I never touch. I agree, it should never leave!” added another. “It’s literally the best warmup mode in the game and I wish they’d keep it in permanently. Truly no reason not to,” commented another.

Some Apex fans noted that they actually “hate” the mode in general, but couldn’t help but tip their hat to how others have used it to finally learn the game a bit more.

As we’ve seen, Respawn won’t make LTMs permanent, but those that get a bit more love than normal from fans will get rotated in more often. So, maybe that will be where Gun Run lands.

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