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Apex Legends players think Loba has an artifact from Titanfall 2

Published: 3/May/2020 1:59

by Alan Bernal


Loba can be seen stealing something in the Story from the Outlands ‘Legacy of a Thief’ Season 5 teaser, and the Apex Legends community are using clues from Titanfall 2 to figure out what the device can be.

As her lore video reveals, she was the best thief around, and was famous for being able to acquire anything she wanted. Making it no surprise that the upcoming Apex Legends character is shown in a heavily guarded vault.

But it’s how she makes her escape that has people scratching their heads as to what allowed her to get out of the sticky situation scot-free.


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Redditor ‘el3ctric-runner’ pointed out the similarities between the stolen device Loba will presumably use for her abilities at 0:47 in the video and the Time Gauntlet that was featured in Titanfall 2.

“I don’t think anyone else noticed this but the device Loba has looks alot like the time travel device from Titanfall 2,” they said.

Players got to experience the device in action on the ‘Effect and Cause’ mission while running through the IMC facility.

I don’t think anyone else noticed this but this the device loba has looks alot like the time travel device from Titanfall 2 from apexlegends

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The similarities between both devices are striking, and it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities that an updated device was created in the 30-year gap between the events of Titanfall 2 when the IMC was taken down and Apex Legends.


But we know that this isn’t exactly the same technology as Wraith’s interdimensional shifts into the Void. Respawn Entertainment writer Tom Casiello said that “we are not going into the Void … the Void is safe for Wraith” when addressing Loba’s teleportation.

Moreover, the developers have already shown their willingness to dip into resources that were meant for Titanfall just to give them new life in Apex Legends.

Respawn Entertainment
The Titanfall 2 device and the Apex Legends device look awfully similar.

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No spoilers: considering the fate of the device in Titanfall 2, it seems unlikely that the Time Gauntlet would feature in the battle royale. Furthermore, the Time Gauntlet is an object that deals with time-travel instead of phasing, so they could have shared the same tech trees in R&D but are distinct technologies in the TTF universe.


With Season 5 of Apex Legends just around the corner, answers for the game’s many mysteries are bound to come as well as – knowing Respawn – new questions for the community to speculate on.