Apex Legends players swatted while hosting live tournament

Eli Becht

A couple streaming on Apex Legends tournament.

A Virginia couple, who go by HisandHersLive on Twitch, hosting an Apex Legends tournament were met with a rude awakening after their house was surrounded by police for over two hours after someone called 911 on them and said a murder took place in their home.

The two streamers, Andrew and Judy Kristensen, were playing the battle royale before being forced out of their home by gunpoint on September 14, according to NBC 12.

They tweeted about the incident after it happened, explaining how that’s “not how we expected to spend our Friday night.”

The couple didn’t even know anything was going on until Andrew received a call from his brother asking about what was going on.

“So, I pick up the phone and it’s my brother and he says, ‘Hey dude, everyone’s looking for you. There are police at your door, you need to go let them in. You’ve been swatted,’” he said.

During the raid on the house, you could see the officers searching the home on the livestream, as everything happened so fast and they had no time to end the stream.

No injuries occurred as a result of this dangerous prank and police currently have no leads on who the person responsible is.

Swatting is when somebody reports a fake crime at an address in an effort to get the police to show up and cause a major inconvenience, and they have the potential to turn deadly. They usually target streamers in an effort to watch the chaos unfold as it happens.

We’ve seen people lose their lives as a result of these pranks in the past, such as the notorious Call of Duty swatting that stemmed from a $1.50 wager and led to the death of a Kansas man.

This Apex Legends swatting comes on the same day Twitch streamer OddKast was swatted in the middle of hosting a podcast and saw police enter and search his home, all while live on stream.

Thankfully, nobody was harmed during this swatting.

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