Apex Legends players slam Season 17 Ranked as Master rank is overflowing

Filip Krawanski
Catalyst in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends News Twitter account has revealed the ranked distribution of Apex Legends in Season 17, which the players immediately shunned for being so skewed towards the “Master” rank.

Apex Legends has seen its share of scrutiny over the course of 2023, with ImperialHal saying that the game is in the “worst state” that it has ever been at the beginning of June.

The big factor contributing to players criticizing the game right now is Apex Legend’s ranked system which went through many iterations since the game launched.

Its current iteration drew the player base’s ire as Apex Legends pro, Sweet, has already shown that it’s possible to gain the Predator rank without killing anyone.

After his experiment, the game saw a spike in players at all ranks who have taken inspiration and are resorting to abandoning their team and camping on their own, hoping to survive as long as possible without interacting with other players in order to reach high ranks faster in Apex Legends Season 17.

Apex players react to Season 17 rank distribution

Apex Legends News tweeted out the current rank distribution based on the 4 million player sample and it’s very much skewed towards the second-highest rank in the game which is baffling to many fans.

“This ranked system is just plain wrong,” said Shiv, content creator for Luminosity Gaming. When asked “Is it really” by a reply, he further added: “When hardstuck plastic rank skill level players can literally AFK their way to master. YEAH, I THINK THE RANKED SYSTEM IS DOGS**T.”

“Zero communication or even any acknowledgment from [developers] is the wild part. Like there’s no way they are looking over the data and being like ‘Yeah this is fine’,” reads another reply.

Balancing a ranked system in a battle royal game cannot be easy, but if Respawn Entertainment doesn’t act quickly Apex Legends‘ reputation will continue to spiral and the game will lose players by the day.

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