Apex Legends Ranked called “meaningless” as almost 20% of players are Master

Declan Mclaughlin
Apex Legends Master rank

Apex Legends players are again hitting out at the ranked system as more people get placed into one of the highest ranks, Masters.

Apex Legends players have not had a good Season 17 ranked experience. More and more high-level players have been complaining about the rank distribution as the number of accounts in Masters increases.

At the time of writing about 17% of the Apex Legends ranked player base is currently in Masters, according to a ranked tracking website. Now even players who are Apex Legends esports adjacent, like leakers and managers, are breaking into the top rank.

A player manager at TSM, ‘minustempo,’ revealed on Twitter that they recently ranked up to Masters and called the ranked badge a “participation badge.”

“The badge is now meaningless,” they said.

Apex Legends players call out inflated Masters rank

The manager went on to say that no pros want to grind ranked anymore since their lobbies are often filled with bots or players that aren’t really at their skill level.

“When you put it all together, ranked is essentially pubs with more stream sniping and there is no ranked system. I should not be in Masters. My gun skill at best is Gold/Plat,” they said.

Minustempo also threw shade at Apex players who feel like the current system is in a good place, saying they are either delusional or lying to themselves.

The community seems to agree with the manager, as replies to his post bolster his point or add personal antidotes about their own climb threw the ranked system.

“I’ve been pushing masters the last few seasons and wasn’t able to make it, and now I made it with ease and it didn’t feel rewarding at all,” one reply said. “Felt like I was robbed of the chance to actually earn Masters.”