Apex Legends players slam “overpriced” skin recolors again with Golden Week Sale

. 1 year ago
Apex Legends Golden Week sale
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is a game filled with cool cosmetics, but their distribution has always been a point of contention. Players are criticizing Respawn again for the cost associated with buying recolors of existing skins.

Not only is Apex Legends overflowing with vast worlds and colorful characters, but it’s also brimming with a whole collection of vibrant cosmetics.

With Legacy, the title’s ninth season, set to introduce some Titanfall-inspired skins into the game to accompany Valkyrie, the hype is real.

However, as Season 8 comes to a close with the War Games event and Golden Week Sale, fans have once again called out the developers for their monetization of cosmetics, particularly recolors.

Apex Legends Arenas
Respawn Entertainment
Valkyrie is dropping with an impressive set of Legendary skins.

Apex fans criticize skin “sales”

While fans have always made their feelings clear on the costs associated with buying skins, a mixture of the War Games Event and a lackluster Golden Week Sale has stirred up controversy yet again.

With one post slamming the price of Wraith’s “recolor” ‘Queen’s Guard’ War Games skin garnering 2.4k upvotes, and another attacking the Golden Week skins earning 13.2k votes, fans are not letting this issue go away.

While it’s important to note that the latter post was not removed by Respawn, despite claims to the contrary, a glance at the comments show that fans are really not happy with these latest recolor prices.

One respondent writes “I would spend so much money on Apex if they had a half decent store,” while another admits “I would LOVE to support this game with my money, but apparently they only care for the whales, so I end up missing out on cool things unless they come with the BP or I can somehow craft them.”

Royal Livery Bloodhound skin apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Bloodhound’s new purple recolor, costing 1800 AC, has left players out in the cold.

Can Respawn fix the store?

Two years in and there’s been little effort from the developers to look into how the store works, but some fans have put forward interesting suggestions.

Many have compared the store’s current situation to Fortnite, with one commenter noting “say what you want about Fortnite, but its shop is great.” Comparing the cost of Fortnite’s cosmetics to Apex’s, many argue that the rival battle royale is “super cheap.”

While many members of the community don’t want Fortnite’s gameplay transferred into Apex, it’s clear that Epic Games have cracked the monetary code to urge players to buy skins.

Will Respawn learn from this? Only time will tell, but with Season 9 around the corner and the skins already set, we might be looking at a fix in Season 10 at the earliest.

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